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When Delivery Matters

Wired for 100% Perfect Delivery.

Life sure would be easy if you could always trust a provider with real integrity, wouldn't it? Well, that's exactly what it means to be a Lake Cable customer. Because our customers know that no matter how short the lead time, nobody in the industry will hit a delivery for them as consistently as Lake Cable will.

Every order. Every piece of wire. Every time.

Wire to Wire

Short minimum runs; special jacket colors; custom print legends, cable constructions, packaging and lengths; and your name on package labels.

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Delivering Differences

Not one of our customers at Lake Cable has to wonder or worry about where their wire is on our floor or when it's going to be leaving our facility.

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COMEX Copper Spot Price

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Aligned for Success

We didn’t set out to be the biggest name in the industry. Just the most trusted one. Here’s how our innovative thinking made that happen.


Get In The Cell

Our manufacturing process is easy to understand. Incredibly tough to duplicate. That’s a good thing for us and you.


Wired and Inspired

Lake Cable’s blog that features entrepreneurial inspiration in the worlds of energy, infrastructure management, data centers and more.