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Extra-durable, flexible and lightweight 7.8 mm Hybrid-Fiber cable offers improved mobility for portable High-Def camera applications. Cable is comprised of 2 bend insensitive single mode tactical grade buffered optical fibers, 4 flexible tin copper Auxiliary and Signal conductors; flexible yet strong aramid central strength member. This composite cable is “planetary” assembled to eliminate back twist on all elements. An extra flexible high coverage tinned copper spiral “locking” shield provides EMI protection. A rugged, “low surface friction”, matte finish polyurethane jacket Unlike cable using a high gloss TPU Jacket, this cable diminishes binding and grabbing on tacky surfaces which is essential for fast action deployment

(2) 16 AWG 65 Strands TC PE insulated Auxiliary conductors
(2) 24 AWG 19 Strands TC PE insulated Signal conductors
(1) Kevlar K1500 Cord - Polyolefin insulated
(2) 9.5 Micron fibers TPE insulated PVC jacket
• Fiber elements are Bend Tolerant ITU-T G.657.A1
• All materials used in the manufacture of this cable are RoHS II & REACH compliant
• Made in the USA

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Remember, all of our wire can feature:

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  • Special jacket colors including stripes
  • Custom print legends
  • Custom cable constructions
  • Custom packaging - boxes or reels
  • Custom lengths
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