Copper Price 4/24/2024 4.5215


Three element composite cable, 2 conductors 16 AWG unshielded, 4 conductors 18 AWG shielded and 1 conductor 18 AWG unshielded, constructed with stranded bare copper, Plenum rated PVC insulation and an overall plenum rated PVC jacket data / communications and controls applications manufactured in the USA and (UL) listed CL3P or CMP c(UL)us 75°C.
• Refer to NEC (NFPA 70) article 800 and article 725 for installation guidelines
• UL listed as Type CMP per UL standard 444 or CL3P per UL Standard 13
• All materials used in the manufacture of this cable are RoHS compliant
• Made in the USA
This spec is for informational purposes and subject to change. This spec may not be suitable for submission. Contact Lake Cable for non-watermark spec sheet.

Remember, all of our wire can feature:

  • Short minumum runs
  • Special jacket colors including stripes
  • Custom print legends
  • Custom cable constructions
  • Custom packaging - boxes or reels
  • Custom lengths
  • Your name on package labels