Blog posts of '2016' 'May'

Runzel Brothers Takes Record Number Of Shots At Pediatric Cancer

It was a day where Mother Nature was doing everything but cooperating, yet that never dampened the spirits of a record number of participants who gathered on the field of Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation to target pediatric cancer. The 7th Annual Runzel Brothers Spring Shoot was an outstanding success, raising more than $65,000 for The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Along the way, fun was had by all through a variety of sporting clay, flurry and 5-stand shooting competitions.

How did we get there?

The New CableM8: Revolutionizing Wire And Cable Installs All Over Again

Ever since Lake Cable rolled out the CableM8, our all-in-one cable distribution system, we’ve received great feedback from installers. And we listened.

The result? The re-imagined, re-designed CableM8, a 4-bin system that enables you to go everywhere you need for an install.