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All Ideas Are Welcome Here.

Except For Preserving The Status Quo.


Rather than keep ideas siloed within departments, Lake Cable nurtures an environment, in every location, that brings together people of varied backgrounds to contribute new, fresh ideas. This prmotes the evolution of lean manufacturing, process engineering and continuous improvement. It’s how anyone in the company can not only contribute, but watch their career flourish. Case in point is an employee who began with Lake Cable as a Design Engineer. He consistently found ways to improve our operations, and ultimately became our company President

Lake Cable’s collaborative environment has also led us to develop extraordinary products. As the demands of certain industries continue to evolve, we listen to what our customers need most. A perfect example of this collaboration came when installers noted the challenge of installing different types of cable on site armed with only a simple cart. Whereas other companies might have seen this request as outside of their skill set, Lake Cable knew it had the diverse engineering and design team to rise to the occasion. After eliciting input from the people in the field, and developing many prototypes, the result is the Cable M8, a versatile cable distribution system that allows installers to pull up to 10,000 feet of cable in just one trip, making each install with our cable more efficient than ever.

When one of the most talented teams in the wire and cable business is open to such a diverse range of insights as Lake Cable is, anything is possible for our people, our customers and our future.