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For A War Hero, Lake Cable Delivers A Hometown Celebration

"I just had a normal day at work that turned ugly.”

When you’re a combat veteran serving in one of the more dangerous places in the world, a bad day isn’t like it is for the rest of us. For Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, his kind of bad day resulted in losing 4 of his limbs while fighting in Afghanistan.

Yet, while he refuses to call himself a hero, Mills has courageously fought his way back to performing regular daily activities – including walking and running - through the use of his prosthetic arms and legs.

His emotional journey to reclaiming a life of normalcy with his wife Kelsey and daughter Chloe is captured in a new documentary film called, “Travis: A Soldier’s Story.”

Mills’ hometown of Vassar, Michigan, planned on showing the movie at the local theatre. Considering most of the entire town has had a personal relationship with the star of the picture, a sold-out crowd would be lining up to see it all weekend.

Would Travis be able to personally attend? The veteran had taken so many difficult steps on his own to this point, but for this particular step, he and his family needed a little extra help. That’s where Lake Cable was proud to assist.

If you recall not long ago, we wrote of how Lake Cable volunteers its company aircraft to fly wounded combat veterans and their families to destinations where the soldier can receive medical care and reunite with one another.


In this case, Mills, his wife and daughter were accompanied by Lake Cable’s Matt Wilkens to our plane, where they flew from Texas to mid-Michigan’s Harry Browne Airport.

The hometown hero arrived right on time for his big screen debut. As the movie began, tears and laughter flowed forth from an audience of family, friends, fellow veterans and local admirers amazed by Mills’ strength and perspective on life.

Long before this reunion, Trevor Mills had made the most difficult parts of the journey back by far. At Lake Cable, we were simply honored to deliver him for the home stretch of it.