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Giving Back When It Matters: Lake Cable’s Work Study Program

Even as summer begins, there’s a certain group of kids who don’t mind already thinking about the start of the school year– because when they go back, they’ll also be entering work environments that teach them what it takes to be successful and get ahead in life. Like ours at Lake Cable.

As a proud partner for several years of the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) at Christ The King Jesuit College Prep School, Lake Cable is creating positive learning experiences for not just one student but four of them at a time. How? Each of four students shares the responsibilities of one full-time clerical role throughout the week.

What makes Christ The King’s job sharing program so special is that it provides nearly 900 low income students from underserved neighborhoods in Chicago with some crucial exposure to the business world, connecting them with mentors in the workplace who have a lot to offer from their real world experience – even if it’s just for an hour or two a day. Though many of these students have come from challenges that most kids should never have to overcome at such a young age, their enthusiasm for learning how to improve their skills and grow a career is unmistakable.

In the process, students earn the majority of their tuition at Christ The King through corporate sponsorship. As one of those sponsors, Lake Cable has paid for 67% of the cost of every student’s education among those from the program who participate in our environment.

It feels incredible to give back and help underserved kids who couldn’t be more appreciative of our efforts.