Copper Price 6/18/2024 4.4645


APPLICATION: Lake Cable’s plenum and riser fire alarm cables offer a reliable solution for ensuring safety and security in commercial and residential buildings. 

  • Fire Protection
  • Alarm
  • Signal
  • Monitor/Detection
  • Audio Circuits
  • Control Circuits
  • Initiating Circuits
  • Notifications Circuits

Description: Available in various conductor configurations, gauge sizes and pair counts. Lake Cable offers both plenum and riser-rated options, meeting all compliance with building codes and regulations. These cables are manufactured with fire-resistant materials, minimizing the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire and are available unshielded or shielded with aluminum/mylar shielding. All cables meet NEC Article 760. Available in 22 AWG - 12 AWG constructions.

FEATURES: All Lake Cable Fire Alarm products are available on reels, in pull boxes and reel-in-a-box. All products are printed with footage markers and have ripcords to make installation easier!