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Making It Right: How to Strengthen a Relationship

In business, you naturally strive for everything to go according to plan. Still, while you may hire the best people, instill the best practices, invest in the most optimal technology and build the strongest relationships…mistakes can occasionally happen. It’s true that nobody’s perfect. Yet, even in these moments of imperfection, you have an opportunity to shine.

We should know. That very occurrence happened to us recently at Lake Cable with a valued client of ours.

Our client had just landed a new customer of their own, who promptly requested 2 orders that would be fulfilled through Lake Cable. Unfortunately, things happen and the first order arrived to the client a couple of days late. With another order still in the system, we needed to correct the issue quickly to ensure a much smoother delivery going forward.

So when the client called us to get a status on that second order, they were shocked by the response they received:

Rather than merely words of apology and promises, we put the order on our own company plane and personally delivered the shipment to the client in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here’s how our client describes that moment:

“When Bill pulled up in the plane with our order, I had to get a picture of it. I totally appreciate what Lake Cable did to keep us and our customer happy. They went above and beyond the call of duty because they knew it was a brand new account for us. It was just superb.”

To help minimize a risk of scheduling issues in the future, the client has placed more orders with Lake Cable already so they have the essential cable in their inventory, right when they need it for delivery. 

We’ve all experienced setbacks from time to time, despite our very best of intentions. It’s the speed and manner in which you aim to make it right for the client that not only can preserve the relationship but also make it even stronger.

Because When Delivery Matters..., it’s about doing whatever it takes.