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The Fastest Way To Get Industrial Cable Done On A Short Run.

In a lot of wire and cable manufacturing environments, being able to offer short runs of industrial cable starting at a minimum of 1,000 ft. is practically unheard of. But Lake Cable goes even further than this by cranking up the speed and level of customization for customers.

How? It’s called Cell Manufacturing, a unique structure that groups the stages of insulation, cabling, jacketing and packaging together in a cell or “mini-factory.” Within each cell, we have team members who are cross-trained in a variety of skill sets. So we can easily accommodate short runs while providing custom jacket colors, print legends, cable constructions, lengths and packaging. When the specification calls for it, we also put the wire through rigorous testing in order for it to be UL certified.

Better. Smarter. Faster. It’s the best way to be When Delivery Matters... For more information, contact your Lake Cable sales rep today.