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The New CableM8: Revolutionizing Wire And Cable Installs All Over Again

Ever since Lake Cable rolled out the CableM8, our all-in-one cable distribution system, we’ve received great feedback from installers. And we listened.

The result? The re-imagined, re-designed CableM8, a 4-bin system that enables you to go everywhere you need for an install.

The new CableM8 gives you real options for flexibility and mobility. With the new design, not only can you fit small pull boxes within its bins, but you can also move the cart over curbs effortlessly thanks to its larger casters. The 360˚ brake secures the CableM8 in place so you can swivel the cart in the direction of any pull and a locking caster makes sure it stays straight when used in tight spaces. 

Whether you’re using either the 4-bin model or the original 8-bin CableM8, you can always:

Change out reels on the fly 
The CableM8 allows you to switch reels while others are dispensing. Need to swap out a bag? Not a problem. The CableM8 doesn’t take a break because it doesn’t need one. 

Experience far fewer tangles or twists
Each CableM8 Bag’s heavy-duty packaging is shrunk tightly around the coil so cable can dispense smoothly. If a tangle or two pops up while dispensing, it’s easy to access the tangle and get back on track in no time.

30X less on-site waste
Compared to traditional reel packaging, disposal of our CableM8 Bag packaging couldn’t be easier or more Earth-friendly. The packaging is 100% recyclable and since there’s no boxes or reels to break down, there’s minimal on-site waste. 

Once you’ve got a CableM8, your bins can fit on any model.

There’s no need to purchase another CableM8 if you want to change bins for a particular install because the full line of CableM8 products are completely interchangeable. You can even order individual 4-bin or 8-bin sets to retrofit your existing utility cart.

Don’t forget – there’s always the tried, true and tested 8-bin original CableM8 that’s able to transport up to eight CableM8 Bags and two additional pull boxes or reels. All of which means it only takes one person operating the CableM8 to pull up to 10,000 feet of cable in just one trip.

That’s right. Lake Cable just changed the game for installers. In a big way. Between the NEW 4-bin CableM8 and original 8-bin CableM8, plus individual bin sets, we’ve got a solution that’s perfect for your next install.

Watch the new video that features the entire line of CableM8 products in action. Then call 888.518.8086 to speak with a Lake Cable Representative about how the CableM8 can work for you… When EASY Delivery Matters.