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The SMPTE® Broadcast Cable You Never Saw Coming


It’s got a central strength member made of Kevlar® yet it’s amazingly easy to coil and deploy. It has a low-gloss, cut-resistant TPU jacket that minimizes glare and doesn’t drag on surfaces. You can take it to all kinds of environments and count on it to perform brilliantly, from stadiums to recording studios.

Meet the most flexible, versatile SMPTE cable for the Broadcast market we’ve ever made at Lake Cable: STEALTH Special Ops™ 7.8MM Hybrid Fiber Camera Cable.

Good news, Broadcast pros. Now there’s nothing to slow you down.

We didn’t just design STEALTH Special Ops™ to be better. We designed it with the Broadcast industry professionals in mind who are frequently challenged by SMPTE cable that’s difficult to pull, hard to install through tight quarters and generally too bulky for transport. Instead, STEALTH Special Ops™ is very lightweight with an interlocking spiral shield, making it a winner for getting in and out of indoor and outdoor Broadcast settings with ease.

Pure torture for most and it still doesn’t crack.

Prior to its official launch, we tested the STEALTH Special Ops™ here at Lake Cable, literally going to extremes in hot and cold environments. For example, during our “Cold Bend” test, we put the SMPTE cable in a confined area and took the temperature around it down to -80 degrees, freezing the cable for several hours. We then unwound it and bent it to see if it would experience any cracking. Upon passing this test with flying colors, we knew it was ready for its debut in the field.

Winning right out of the gate

For its very first test in a real environment, our partners at NEP Broadcasting took the STEALTH Special Ops™ to NASCAR’s Pure Michigan 400 race, so they could use the SMPTE cable on its handheld for a “fan camera” view of the crowd.

How’d the STEALTH Special Ops™ fare? Even after it got stepped on and dragged across the pavement, the SMPTE cable held up beautifully and there wasn’t a split second lost of fine picture or sound quality. Our friends at NEP loved the look and feel of the STEALTH Special Ops™ hybrid fiber too.

When Delivery Matters… STEALTH Special Ops Excels.

Give us a call at Lake Cable at 1-888-518-8086 and ask for one of our Broadcast Specialists, who will be glad to hear more about the Broadcast environment you’re working with and how the STEALTH Special Ops™ features could be a terrific fit.