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Water Pressure: Lake Cable Connects Cleaner Resources To New York City

Imagine if 30% of New York City and its upstate communities couldn’t get clean drinking water tomorrow. It might not be the kind of thing we like to think about, but that’s exactly how essential the Croton Water Filtration Plant is to low-lying areas of Manhattan and the Bronx – particularly during a drought. So it’s a good thing that 100% of the Control & Instrumentation Cable that Croton depends on to power its pumps, controls and instruments to supply a consistent output is backed by Lake Cable.

What’s next for Croton? A stronger tomorrow.

Being the oldest of three reservoir systems in New York to provide drinking water, it was only a matter of time in which the Croton System was evaluated for an update, which is exactly what New York is currently proposing. Once approved and completed, the project will help the system meet the public water supply and comply with federal drinking water standards. Croton would be able to provide drinking water of the highest level, in turn preventing periodic shutdowns of its system that might otherwise severely impact city during times of year when the city’s water demand was at its highest.

It’s a big project with a big responsibility. But one thing is for certain that will help ensure the project’s success for the long haul – when Croton’s operators need a durable cable to perform in all kinds of rigorous conditions, they’ll be glad that a distributor recommended Lake Cable’s Control & Instrumentation Cable.

Like many projects we receive at Lake Cable, the turnaround required to deliver our cable to Croton was exceptionally quick. Yet the real challenge occurred when the product was under-ordered. Could we fulfill the order to new specifications? Not to worry. We guaranteed the Control & Instrumentation Cable would be manufactured, shipped and delivered in two weeks flat – a promise we were proud to live up to.

Doing our part to ensure clean drinking water is consistently brought to a significant portion of America’s largest city – that’s when delivery matters.

If you work in a field that calls for Control & Instrumentation cable that stands up to all kinds of challenging conditions, including the petrochemical, utility, paper or waste water industries, talk to Lake Cable about how we can assemble an application that works for your business at 888.518.8086.