Copper Price 7/12/2024 4.5700

When Delivery Matters, We Grow Another 140,000 Square Feet

Notice anything new about Lake Cable this summer? You should if you’re in Bensenville or Elkhart, Indiana. We’re getting a whole lot more room to expand our productivity and output in a couple of new locations.

Rewinding Moves Forward On Foster Avenue

Take a walk next door from Lake Cable’s plant on Foster Avenue in Bensenville and you’ll see we have a brand new addition to the space - a 50,000 square foot facility.

We’ve moved all of our rewinding operations over to the new warehouse, giving us a location that’s 100% dedicated to this function. After making our cable in bulk and putting it on 10,000 foot reels, a total of 12 rewind machines in the new location go to work, rewinding the cable into smaller 2,000 foot rolls primarily used for pull boxes. Along the way, we make sure we deliver high quality cable every time.

With a shipping warehouse attached to our rewinding location on Foster Avenue, we’re able to efficiently go straight from rewind to out the door in very little time.

Hoffman Street Makes Room For Copper Drawing

Bensenville isn’t the only place that’s seeing growth. We’re also proud to announce that our operations in Elkhart, Indiana are expanding with a brand new 90,000 square foot facility. The warehouse right near our location on Hoffman Street is being used to draw copper.

How About A Closer Look?

If you’re near either of these locations, we’d love to sit down with you to talk more about your specific cable distribution needs and then take you on a tour to see the newest ways we’re able to maximize our production potential… When Delivery Matters.