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Women's History Month - Women in Manufacturing Spotlight: Somie Mossell

Question: How did your career start in the cable industry?

Answer:  I started at Lake Cable in 2000 as an Inside Sales Rep and like many good things, it happened completely by accident. I was looking for a summer job after college and I had a friend who was working at Lake Cable. She introduced me to the company and the industry and the rest, as they say, is history.

Women's History Month - Women in Manufacturing Spotlight: Joan Lonero

Question: How did your career start in the cable industry?

Answer:  No big story there. I was looking for a new job and the employment agency sent me for an interview at Lake Cable. The recruiter said the owner was a great guy and if she were looking for a job, she would want to work at Lake Cable. The thing I remember most about the interview was how excited Bill Runzel was about making wire and cable and how proud he was of the company he was building. Lake Cable was pretty small back then. Everyone wore many hats and it didn’t take long to get exposure to all the different parts of the business.

Lake Cable Sponsors the Illini Solar Car

Lake Cable is happy to support and help bring the Illini Solar Car to life. 

More than 60 students from the University of Illinois have come together to create a highly efficient, state-of-the-art solar car.  The Illini Students are currently working to complete their solar car for the 2020 and 2021 competitions.  

Women's History Month - Women in Manufacturing Spotlight; Wendy Troke

Question: How did your career start in the cable industry?

Answer: In 2005 I was a single mother of three young children looking for a job close to home. At the time I was commuting to a job 40 minutes from home for little pay and not very challenging. I heard from a friend, who heard from a friend, that Lake Cable had opened up in Valparaiso 10 minutes from my home.  The pursuit began. I was relentless! I think I finally got an interview just to get me off their doorstep! And so the adventure began!

Lake Cable Embraces ISO Program

Working BetterSmarter, and Faster to Enhance the Overall Client Experience  

Our Lake Cable location in Valparaiso, IN became a recipient of the ISO 9001 certification.  It joins the company’s Elkhart, IN facility of Lake Copper Conductors, LLC in achieving the latest level of ISO 9001 certification.  ISO 9001 is the international standard that specifies the requirements for quality management systems.  This certification will ensure that we meet customer expectations, and continuously work to improve and provide clients with quality products while meeting regulatory requirements.  

Thermoplastic vs. Thermoset: What’s The Difference
What's the primary characteristic that makes thermoplastic different from thermoset?

Thermoplastic is a polymer that turns into a liquid or gel when you heat it and ultimately hardens to a solid state. If you want to re-melt it or remold it, it's no problem because thermoplastic is very easy to manipulate.

Lake Cable Has A Muckin’ Good Time Fighting MS

MS is a dirty disease, so sometimes you’ve got to get just as down and dirty to take it on. That’s exactly what Muckin’ Lake Cable did recently when 30 of us joined nearly 3,000 fellow racers – er, muckers – at the Lake County Fairgrounds for 2017 MuckFest MS Chicago.

When Delivery Matters, We Grow Another 140,000 Square Feet

Notice anything new about Lake Cable this summer? You should if you’re in Bensenville or Elkhart, Indiana. We’re getting a whole lot more room to expand our productivity and output in a couple of new locations.

Blasting Clay Targets As If They Were Brain Tumors: 8th Spring Shoot Delivers Dollars To Fight Pediatric Cancer

“I was diagnosed before my 18th birthday. So, right before I was independent,
I needed my parents more than ever.”  ~ Nicole, 27 years old

Lake Cable Winning With CableM8 Distribution System Customized For Security Industry, All-In-One Product Comes To ISC West

Lake Cable, a 4th generation wire and cable manufacturer, has built a powerful solution for cable distribution with its new CableM8 system. Now Lake Cable’s groundbreaking product is getting a fresh spin with customization exclusively for the security market.